It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.
"Roy Disney"

In PS-Co’s ideal world, all of us want more from our jobs than just a paycheck. We want things like work satisfaction, a connection to our coworkers and the opportunity to make a difference.

What can give us the kind of feeling that makes work more than just work is our values

We define our values as follows:

• Futuristic

Power of foreseeing and covering the society’s needs by planning, executing, monitoring and continuous learning culture

• Knowledge Base

Emphasis on development and utilizing specialized/scientific organizational assets during projects lifecycles

• Agile

Capable of quick decision making and action followed by strategic planning based on professional experiences and knowledge beyond the current market standards

• Powerful

Competent of fulfilling all the requirements of mega construction projects

• Trustworthy

Strategic move in establishing the foundation of trust building from the beginning by utilizing previous experiences and continuous transformation of knowledge