HSE Policy

Because our employees are important to us

As a pioneer organization, PS-CO is committed to being a leader in health and safety of its team and other stakeholders and is doing its best to environment conservation's as basis for sustainable development. In order to achieve these objectives, followings topics have become PS-Co’s concerns: 

- Creating a secure and safe working environment;

- Reducing the adverse impact of projects on environment 

- Complying with government regulations, union contracts, and other established HSE policies

- Providing managers, staff and suppliers with HSE training needs

- Encouraging organization staff to consider HSE principles

- Documenting and informing key stakeholders events, accidents and risks, along with inspecting reasons to reduce their probability and impacts

- Continuous performance improvement of HSE management systems

HSE policy in PS-Co. has been developed as a document titled “HSE Policy Statement”, Which its provisions are as follows:

In order to reduce accidents and damages (life and property), increase the safety, health and environment factor, PS-Co. is committed to strict compliance with the following:
1- As a matter of a principle, we have special attention to preserve and protect human resources and their health care.
2- HSE requirements are prior to all organizational activities and, with "safety first" slogan, all the members are responsible for planning to eliminate disease and accidents.
3- All of the employees known safety as a value and, they are responsible for their own safety as well as their colleague's.
4- Propagating the HSE culture and, promoting and empowerment of employees and workers are company's special programs.
5- It is mandatory to apply HSE regulations in contractors' contracts. All the Contractors under the supervision of the PS-Co. must comply HSE regulations (organizational, national and international).