Human Resources

Our personality is being committed to establishing and protecting the structure of PS-Co. family

Since PS-CO believes in human resource values and moves toward excellence, we are committed to provide motivation along with performance based recognition and reward systems and focus on meeting our staff’s human and job needs.

For PS-Co, human resource management is one of the most important and prime organizational principles. In order to achieve effective human resource management, PS-Co established staff acquisition and appraisal plans along with educational and motivation systems which are widely utilized in all levels of organization.

PS-Co is a family. PS-CO Employs modern methods of management and established its mission as providing job security and assurance using personnel who are bounded to the family’s criteria and principles.

Benefiting from the professional and experienced human resources is always the company’s origin and PS-Co family moves toward its goal using active, dynamic and fresh team members.

The distributing of professionals based on educational level and experience are as following charts: