Green PS-Co.

We believe that the key to a greener planet is in all of hands

In order to achieve PS-Co mission and promise which is Loyalty in protecting the interest of the employees, employers and society, PS-Co is aware of the relation between projects and its surrounding environment. We are thoughtful and sensitive about constructing projects in accordance with natural environment and eco system. 

PS-Co family believes although todays environmental problems are huge but each of us can play our role in reducing them by changing our life and work style.

In order to increase employee’s attention to their environment, PS-Co has developed green policies such as paper usage, energy consumption and optimized machinery usage policies. Also company supports green ideas in order to become operational plans and moving toward green work and life.

PS-Co believes in:

Minimize destructive effects of construction on natural environment and maximize usage of recyclable materials.

Increase buildings sustainability by using high quality materials and construction procedures in order to reduce destructive reworks.

Enhance staff awareness about global environmental problems.

Using electronic documentation systems instead of traditional paper systems in accordance with paper usage policy.

Developing strict and Contemplating policies for buying materials in order to achieve consumption optimization.

Diminish material waste and garbage production and moving toward recycling.

In order to achieve mentioned goals and aligned with organizational training plan, ten members of different organizational units including engineering, execution and PMO have attended the courses in design and operation of Eco-Friendly Hotels named green hotels and have certified as Iran green management institute assessors.
PS-Co. extensive cooperation with Iranian Green Management Association and European Association of Green Management, and Adherence to protecting the environment in all professional and business activities eventuated the integrated organizational movement toward green management knowledge enhancement in PS-Co. business and coincident performance in all staff activities. Some of the main results of this matter including:

• Six members of the company have attended in LEED course in green building field, from designing to construction and operation, that shows the organizational commitment to promotion of environmental culture and active participation in environmental protection societies.

• Codification and publishing “paper usage policy” along with strategies to improve paper usage in offices and project sites that is retrieved from the commitment of the PS-Co. family to environmental friendship by reducing logging trees and water usage. .

• Using stone-papers in PS-Co. advertising bags as an alternative solution that has minimum effect on environment and reduces the logging, water usage and environmental pollution to a minimum level.